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Bizarre Publishing, New York 2017
Hardcover, 20,5 x 28,5 cm, Abb. s/w und in Farbe, 240 Seiten


"A new face is a brutal material. A head, a body that I want to document in my own way. The impertinent beauty of some, the singularity of others and the insolent youth of all, make me want to stop time. A few seconds are enough to immortalize these young men and women who, in a relationship of total trust, give me their intimacy. Do not be fooled that this monograph is a collection of brilliant models, who have been asked to pose freely and systematically.

This is about a path of truth that these New Faces take themselves, almost like that of an actor; with distractions, broken bodies, suffering or lost faces. Sometimes seductive, sometimes with no emotion. These bodies talk about our own youth. Of that incredible moment that many of us are looking to find again. An eternity of possibilities where nostalgia has no place yet, where charm is the force of war and where nobody senses the violent passing of time.

New Faces is that. Like a gift that comes and touches every one of us and makes us remember the days of time long past. "