MEN 2022 von GRUENHOLTZ (Wandkalender)


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MEN 2022 von GRUENHOLTZ (Wandkalender)

MEN 2022 von GRUENHOLTZ (Wandkalender)

>> Salzgeber Medien, Berlin 2021
Wandkalender, Spiralbindung, 30 x 42 cm (Hochformat), 14 Blätter


Gruenholtz’s men have the quality of myth: they are masculine but mysterious, powerful but sensual. His black-and-white images project a world unto itself, turning everyday actions into something timeless, artistic and distinctive. His subjects aren’t just beautiful men, but icons of masculinity. For lovers of the male form, there could be no more fitting way to celebrate the months of the year than with the acclaimed photo artist Gruenholtz and his mesmerizing men.

Gruenholtz is an artist living and working in New York City. He holds a master’s degree in digital photography from the School of Visual Arts. His work has been exhibited in New York, London, Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona. In 2020, his first photo book, “Uncensored”, was published to great acclaim. All of Gruenholtz's uncensored artwork can be found at His digital collections are at