UNCENSORED 2021 von GRUENHOLTZ (Wandkalender)


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UNCENSORED 2021 von GRUENHOLTZ (Wandkalender)

>> Salzgeber Medien, Berlin 2020
Wandkalender, Spiralbindung, 30 x 42 cm (Hochformat), 14 Blätter

Was hängt denn da?:

Acclaimed artist Gruenholtz has accomplished something very rare in male erotica. In the style of a classic fine-art photo documentarist, he captures the fascinating world of gay adult entertainment with virtuosity and sensitivity. His beautiful “behind-the-scenes” photographs, simultaneously frank and lyrical, constitute a compelling long-form portrait of Michael Lucas and his models over the course of an unprecedented year-long creative journey. This calendar presents a selection of photographs from his book "Uncensored".